2nd Oct 2012

Leo Burnett, Pushing Ideas and Inspiring Change at Chicago Ideas Week: Oct 8-14

Check out the schedule below and be sure to register for the sessions.

Leo Burnett, Pushing Ideas and Inspiring Change at Chicago Ideas Week: Oct 8-14

CIW TALK: “Storytellers: The Power of Perspective, Presented by Leo Burnett” Tuesday, October 9, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (Museum of Contemporary Art, Edlis Neeson Theater)

Musicians, filmmakers, artists, and writers all share one thing in common – they offer us compelling stories. Great stories stand at the center of how we remember the past and what we hope for the future. Hear from iconic storytellers on how they see, tell, and create great stories.

Speakers: Arun Chaudhary, Susan Credle, Giles Duley, A.J. Jacobs, Jon Meachum

CIW LAB: “Farmhouse: Reimagine, Redesign, and Remarket an Everyday Object” Monday, October 8, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM (Leo Burnett Building, Burnett Room)

Some of the most meaningful innovations take place in product categories where they are least expected. Join Farmhouse in a highly interactive session that will deploy creativity in its purest form, giving new life to an old thing. Participants will vote on an everyday, mundane object to reimagine and make more useful. Then, work alongside the Farmhouse team to do just that.

Speaker: Paul Earle

CIW LAB: “Leo Burnett: Problem Solving for Humans” Tuesday, October 9, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM (Leo Burnett Building, Burnett Room)

Creative problem solving is the lifeblood of the advertising industry. But as a general way of thinking, it is an approach that can be successfully applied to an infinite variety of problems. Join the Leo Burnett agency in exploring creativity as a tool to tackle just about anything.

Speakers: Brian Shembeda, Avery Gross, Nuno Ferreira, Ryan Wagman, Guybrush Taylor