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"Artic Home" - 'Brothers

For the first time ever, Coca-Cola changed the colors of its iconic red can to white in support of the company’s initiative to create an Arctic refuge for the polar bear. The new can made national headlines and served as a beautiful tangible symbol of Coke’s commitment to protect the natural habitat of the polar bear.

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Jello - "Faces"

New work has JELL-O shining in 101 new ways. We guarantee it’ll give you a reason to smile.

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Multivitamin brand Centrum takes stereotypes about aging to the court for a little one-on-one. In this short film by Leo Burnett Chicago, eight athletic men, ages 46-63, take on a group half their age in a round of streetball in Harlem’s Goat Park. The games and the players are real, and Centrum took a chance on the outcome only to see that the “old men” won four out of four games. With Centrum, it’s still possible to shoot threes at 53.

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"Hi Hey Hello"

A musical short film, created to tell the modern version of one of the most charming and universal stories known to man, boy meets girl with the help of Samsung's GALAXY S4 technology. The video is set on UCLA's campus as our main character uses all the cool new features of the Samsung GALAXY S4 in his pursuit of the girl of his dreams.

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"Our Song"

Some injuries are less painful than the embarrassment caused by explaining to the doctor how they happened. From kitchen accidents to dance moves gone wrong, there are thousands of ways you can get injured and thus, thousands upon thousands of ways to get into the health care system.

UnitedHealthcare’s “Ways In” uses humor and real-life scenarios, based on ICD-9 codes, to dramatize the ways people find their way into the complicated health care system and depicts how UnitedHealthcare can help consumers navigate it. In “Our Song,” a couple acts out a very famous cinematic dance scene — and as you can guess, it does not end well.